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PHANTOM CITY - a photo novel (sent to: rest of the WORLD, price incl shipping - 0% VAT)

Image of PHANTOM CITY -  a photo novel (sent to: rest of the WORLD, price incl shipping - 0% VAT)


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In this photographic novel, Dutch artist Kim Bouvy explores the way urban surroundings are perceived and valued – and how that is reflected in the visual culture, including art and architecture. Bouvy focuses on the city of Rotterdam through 160 images culled from newspaper clippings, promotional materials, postcards, and other images, which she mixes with photographs she took around Rotterdam between 2003 and 2009. Through these images and texts, Bouvy weaves a tale about a phantom city, a place that everybody recognizes but no one knows, where the present, future and past collide and merge into an unexpected narrative. Another thought-provoking work from this poet of the “condition urbaine.”

PHANTOM CITY - a photo novel
276 pages
Soft cover, otabind
19×12 cm / 7,5 x 4,7 inch

Photography, text and concept: Kim Bouvy
Graphic Design: Hansje van Halem
Printer: Calff & Meischke, Amsterdam
Binder: Hexspoor, Boxtel

Publisher: Uitgeverij Pels & Kemper
First edition, January 2010, 1000 pieces
Special edition (book with fine art print 30 x 40 cm) is available in 2 editions (2 different prints) of 15 each.

The publication of ‘ Phantom City – a photo novel’ was made possible thanks to the support of Gemeente Rotterdam, Dienst Kunst en Cultuur / Stichting Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam / Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving, Amsterdam